ENYDCTA is proud to be offering the

USDF Instructor Certification series.

Follow the link below for details.

  • ENYDCTA absorbs the cost of insurance and the facility day rate as a cost of doing business.  These fees are not included in the formula to calculate the clinic cost for ENYDCTA members.  

  • Non-ENYDCTA participants will be charged a higher cost per ride.

  • Suggestions for possible clinicians should be presented to the Clinic Chair.  The Clinic Chair will then present possible clinicians to the Board for approval.    

  • All clinics must be listed in The Piaffe Flyer for a minimum of 2 months.  

  • The opening date is the date the clinic is announced. 

  • The closing date is determined by the clinician’s cancellation policy and will appear on all clinic paperwork.     

  • There will be no refunds after the closing date unless the rider can fill his/her own spot with another rider.    

  • All entries must be submitted to the designated person.    

  • Clinics will be filled on a first paid basis.    

  • If the clinic is not at least 75% filled by the closing date, the designated person reserves the right to cancel the clinic.    

  • Facility owner sponsoring the clinic must be an ENYDCTA member.    

  • The designated person assigns ride times and submits payments to the ENYDCTA treasurer.    

  • To obtain member cost for a clinic, you must have been a member in good standing at the time you enter the clinic.

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