Youth Equestrians


ENYDCTA Youth Equestrians (EYE) is an organized group of Young and Junior Riders (under 21) whose mission is to learn together, volunteer and participate in ENYDCTA sponsored clinics and shows.

Heather Mallette - Youth Coordinator


Congratulations to the riders selected for the 2018 D4K team!

6th Place Team

Sarah Feik - Training Level 14 yr, 5th Place

Caroline Whitaker - Training Level 15 yr, Champion

Quincy Chase - W/T/C 16-21 yrs, 11th Place

Megan Hughes - W/T/C 14-15 yrs, 9th Place

Emily Dible - W/T/C 13-14 yrs, 9th Place

Coach: Cody Moore of Cooperstown Equestrian Center

Dressage4Kids Selection Criteria

The 2019 ENYDCTA team will consist of 4 riders with one reserve rider. These riders must be ENYDCTA members and will be chosen based upon an average of scores and a short essay. The 4 team riders will each receive a $100 scholarship to be used how they deem fit for the show(i.e. entries, trailering, etc.), a team saddle pad for the duration of the show and the ENYDCTA banner to be used in the parade of teams. If you have any questions please contact Heather at 

Each rider must submit: 

  • 2 scores(Minimum of 57%) from the level which the rider will be entering at D4K

  • 1 score from a Dressage Seat Equitation class 

  • A short(3 to 4 paragraph) essay on why you would like to represent ENYDCTA and what you feel you will gain from the experience 

The 2 traditional test scores will be averaged, riders with the highest average will be chosen for the team. In the event of a tie the Equitation score will be used as the determining factor. Should the tie still not be broken, the rider will be chosen by their essay. 

*Scores must be submitted with a judges signature(i.e. a scan of the test or photo of the Equitation score sheet) or from if earned at a recognized show. The test must be judged by at least an "L" judge. Scores from 2018 may be submitted.

Scores and essay must be emailed to no later than June 3rd. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Riders will be notified of their selection status no later than June 5th. 

Shows that scores can be earned at (the shows listed below are only suggestions, it is the riders responsibility to ensure that all the classes they need are offered. Scores do not have to be earned from shows on this list, any show with at least an L Judge is acceptable):

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