Trainer Showcase 2017

ENYDCTA is very grateful to these trainers for donating lessons to our Trainer Showcase!  We hope to match new potential students with local trainers, whom they may not otherwise have the opportunity to ride with.  Please express your gratitude to these trainers for their participation in this program and generous support of ENYDCTA!

Application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Karry Bengtson Brothers- Emerald Glen Equestrian Center (Dressage)

(Stephentown, NY- Willing to travel up to 35 miles). Karry is a USDF Bronze Medalist and is a graduate of the USDF L Program, as well as a Western Dressage r Candidate.  Her focus is on biomechanics of both horse and rider and how they affect each other. She also has had super success with working with riders to overcome fear issues. Much of this success can be attributed to Karry's pursuit of continuing education. All breeds of horses and levels of riders welcome!

Melissa Suits- Suits Dressage (Dressage)

(Broadalbin, NY- Willing to travel up to an hour). Melissa is an FEI level trainer, she has her USDF bronze and silver medals. She would be happy to work with any level rider and horse to help you meet your goals.  She is the Trainer, manager and Instructor at Three Lessons Farm in Broadalbin NY. 518-357-4482


Breanna Sprik- TRI Equestrian (Dressage & Hunter/Jumper/Equitation)

(Lagrange, NY- Willing to travel). 20 years experience training a wide variety of horses from beginning to showing.  USDF silver medalist.  Students show in hunters, jumpers, dressage, and eventing. 616-403-8503


Cody Moore- Cooperstown Equestrian Park Ltd. (Dressage)

(Hartwick, NY- Willing to travel up to 2.5 hours). Cody is a USDF Certified Instructor Thru First level. USDF Bronze Medalist. ARI Level 2 Dressage and stable management Certified Instructor. Love working with junior riders and AA who need confidence and a correct foundation.  all breeds and experiences thru second level. will travel for minimum of 6 rides. 585-797-7256


Krystal Wilt- Cherry Ridge Dressage (Dressage)

(Sand Lake, NY- Willing to travel, please inquire). Krystal is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and a USDF L Graduate with distinction.  Krystal will work with any breed of horse and any level horse/rider combination.  She especially enjoys working with young/green horses, and has many eventing students, as well.  Lesson horses may be available.  Visit for more information. 518-332-2905

Helena Salati- Cornerstone Farm (Eventing & Dressage)

(Jefferson, NY- Willing to travel within 50 miles). Helena has 36 years of experience and is Certified with the British Horse Society. 607-652-2561

Liz Caspari- Liz Caspari Dressage (Dressage)

(Dances with Horses Farm, Cambridge N.Y. and Birch Hill Farm, Hebron, N.Y.- Willing to travel, please inquire). Worked with horses for over 50 years, Dressage @ 25, FEI level trainer, Bronze medalist with self trained horses, Involved with the U.S.D.F. instructor's programs. Main focus is the gentle development of horse and rider using the training scale for pleasure and show. 518-677-2796

Laura Fay- Aering Green Equestrian Center, LLC (Dressage & Eventing)

(Schodack, NY- Not willing to travel). FEI trainer with her Bronze & Silver medals.  Experienced starting young horses and developing a correct foundation to bring them up the levels. Multiple safe schoolmasters available for lessons.  Please visit our website for more details on our equestrian center! 518-429-6825

Margie Hutchison- Larkin Hill (Eventing & Dressage)

(North Chatham, NY- Willing to travel up to 30 miles). Margie has competed through Intermediate, is an ICP Level II Instructor, and a “r” Eventing Judge.  Margie has over 30 years of teaching experience. 518-441-2176


Heather Mallette- HNM Performance Horses (Dressage)

(Sloansville, NY- Willing to travel up to 25 miles). Heather began exploring Dressage to help strengthen the skill set of sale horses, and horses that were considered "difficult", and discovered that all of the horses were dramatically improved with the use of correct Dressage basics! Since then, she has dedicated her efforts towards working with young horses, adult amateurs, and young riders to help them reach their full potential, whether they are interested in competing in Dressage, want to strengthen their skill set to improve at another discipline, or simply ride for pleasure! All breeds of horses and levels of riders welcome! (518)956-1485

Gale E. Wolfe- Gale’s Equine Facility (Dressage & Hunter/Jumper/Equitation)

(Horseheads, NY- Willing to travel, Prefer "day trips", but I am very interested in increasing my clientele base, especially for those who are serious about their dressage riding - for the good of the horse, for the enjoyment of the relationship with the horse, and if it is a personal goal - for competition as well.  So I will travel farther for serious students.) USDF Silver & Gold Medalist.  "L" Graduate. Over 50 years of experience doing training and riding instruction.  I am retired from my 30 years as an environmental engineer and I can now dedicate my time to teaching dressage, as well as instructing how to apply classical dressage technique to other styles of riding - from hunt seat to western, from trail riding to barrel racing.  I enjoy teaching, and get great personal satisfaction when my students are successful with their personal goals with their horse.  More information about me and my stable can be found at 607-796-9821


Marla Foreman- Foreman equestrian arts and sciences (Eventing & Dressage)

(Delmar, NY- Willing to travel within 45 miles). Marla Foreman DVM uses her unique expertise as both an equine veterinarian and positive reinforcement trainer to help riders build outstanding relationships and great performance.  She has over 40 years experience training horses in multiple disciplines including dressage through Prix St Georges and Eventing through Intermediate, and was head trainer for the home farm of Cavalia in Quebec.
Marla is fascinated with finding better ways to help students and horses develop the regularity, freedom of movement, suppleness, cooperation, and mental positivity they need to progress by helping your horse get unstuck both mentally and physically.  If you are feeling like something isn’t ‘quite right’ with your horse but you haven’t been able to figure it out, or if you are experiencing tightness, braciness, heaviness or a lack of motivation, Marla is offering a consultation and evaluation to help you get to the root of the problem.  You will gain with new insights into the dynamics of movement and communication between you and your horse, exercises to do, as well as an action plan for how to continue to improve and enjoy your time together more. 518-248-8481

Jeff Lindberg- Bishop’s Gate Farm LLC (Dressage)

(Charlton, NY- Willing to travel up to 30 minutes for individual lessons, unlimited for clinics). Jeff Lindberg is the owner, trainer and instructor at Bishop's Gate Farm LLC, the dressage training venture he began in December of 2000. A USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist, Jeff started riding as a boy in his native New Mexico. At the age of 13 in 1983, he had the opportunity to take the first of many clinics from Charles de Kunffy, who was the first influence on his understanding of dressage as a lifelong art. As a youth he competed in Young Riders on an off-the- track Thoroughbred purchased from Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz.  He continued his riding when he came east to go to school at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he majored in mathematics.  Later he entered the program in architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and received a Masters in Architecture (M.Arch I) degree in 1995. While practicing as an architect, he continued to pursue his passion for dressage, and in 2000 made the commitment to open his own training facility and work as a professional trainer and instructor. Though now a full time dressage trainer, the analytical, reflective and highly visual nature of Jeff's training as a mathematician and architect are apparent in the way he works with horses and riders.  Over the years, Jeff has been fortunate to receive instruction from many notable equestrians. In addition to Charles de Kunffy, he has also been taught by Karl Mikolka, Kay Meredith, Lois Heyerdahl, Tina Konyot, Jennifer Baumert, Paul Belasik, Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu, Sarah Geike, Renate Lansburgh, Sherry Ackerman, Bettina Drummond, Kathy Rowse, Ilse Schwarz and many others. From each of these teachers he has learned and been exposed to a wide range of philosophies, methods and strategies of dressage training. A naturally thoughtful and introspective person, Jeff's teaching and training draw on the wealth of his teachers, while also presenting many nuances and techniques which are uniquely his own.  He has worked with a wide variety of breeds and has come to recognize the unique gifts and challenges of each horse. Because of the range of his experience as a rider, a student, and now a teacher and sought after clinician, he is often able to help riders and horses find solutions to what can appear on the surface to be complex, deeply frustrating and even seemingly intractable problems. (518) 495-4456


Hollie McNeil- Riding Right Farm (Dressage & Eventing)

(Buskirk, NY- Willing to travel). Hollie is the owner/operator Riding Right Farm, (est. 1996). German Trainer's C License.  German Small and Large Bronze Medal, FEI Instructors Passport, USDF Bronze Medal, Eckert Meyners' Balimo Certified Instructor, Author: 40 Fundamentals of English Riding (Storey Publishing). 518-677-5148

Valerie McCloskey- VLM Dressage and Sport Horses (Dressage & Hunter/Jumper/Eq) (Westmoreland, NY- Willing to travel anywhere for clinics with enough participation). Valerie is a USDF Silver medalist , CHA Master Instructor and Clinic Instructor.  Visit for more information. 315-335-3557


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