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See our 2022 Year End Awards Program Winners!!

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Year End Awards Program (YEAP)

In order to participate in the Year End Awards Program, you must be a member in good standing at the time of application and at the time that the scores are received for the competing year of the YEAP. 

Year End Awards Program Guidelines and Criteria 2022.10.13.pdf

One form per horse/rider combination.

Send applications and copies of your score sheets (not the originals please) by October 15th to:

Denise Film, 1049 Masters Street. | Buskirk, NY 12028 or email to jd8650@aol.com, 518-222-9306.

To log in your required volunteer hours (see below requirements), please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator Laura Stulberger at laurastulberger@aim.com

Year End Awards Program (YEAP) Application  

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