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Annual Banquet 2022

Rider Achievement Awards are given to riders as part ENYDCTA's Year End Award Program (YEAP). These are personal achievement awards, not competitive awards.  There are eleven color ribbon awards for the 10 dressage levels and one for Freestyle.

2022 Awardees are:

Nancy Dvorschak, AA, Intro Level (Pink)

Karen Timm, Pro, Training Level (White)

Rebecca Corcoran, AA, Training Level (White) and First Level (Yellow)

Kiersten Vroman, Pro, Third Level (Green)

MacKenzie Waro, AA, Freestyle (Teal)

Congratulations on your Rider Achievement Awards - well done!!!

As part of our Year End Award Program (YEAP) ENYDCTA gives out a Dressage Masters Award open to both Professional and AA riders over the age of 60. Scores can be submitted from both Recognized and Schooling Shows.

The 2022 Dressage Master's Award is given to:

Karen Timm

Congratulations Karen - woot woot!!

A big thank you to our 2022 Banquet Awards sponsors for their donations!!

Interested learning more about our Year End Awards Program (YEAP) guidelines, criteria and application?  

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