Eastern New York

Dressage & Combined Training


Times and Results 2023

Events and Shows at Larkin' Hill

Apple Knoll HT May 6th USEA Area 1

Riga Meadow Combined Test May 8th USEA Area 1

Hitching Post HT May 13th USEA Area 1

ENYDCTA Schooling Show #1 June 11th

ENYDCTA Schooling Show #2 August 20th

ENYDCTA Fix-A-Test Schooling Show #3 September 10th

Genesee Valley Riding and Driving Club HT Times/Results

GMHA Times/Results

HITS Saugerties Dressage Times/Results

Kent School HT USEA Area 1

Mount Holyoke Times/Results

Riding Right Mother's Day Schooling Show May 14th Ride Times/Results

Stockade Polo & Saddle Club Ride Times/Results

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