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2024 Events

Special thanks to Deb Reardon and Dover Saddlery

for hosting our 2024 Winter Program!!!

Level Up Your Seat

Presented by

Cailin Sanford and Audrey Paslow

What a great program featuring Audrey and Cailin! With a full house of 40 attendees, they delved into the fascinating topic of a rider's "GPS" system, which encompasses the intricate interplay of vision, hearing, and our sensory nervous system to finely tune our perception of body space while riding. Additionally, they demonstrated a variety of exercises aimed at enhancing both flexibility and balance, empowering riders to help refine their seat.  Thank you Cailin and Audrey!!!

For their program handout;

Level Up Your Seat.pdf

Secrets of Equine Contracts

Presented by

Fiona Farrell, Esq.