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USDF Group Membership (GM) Benefits as an ENYDCTA Member

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General Information:

USDF has over 100 affiliated dressage clubs, or Group Member Organizations (GMOs), across the United States and Canada. These clubs submit their membership rosters to the USDF office. By joining a GMO, you automatically become a dues-paying group member of USDF. A complete listing of GMOs in your area can be found on the USDF website.


  • USDF Online Store  10% discount

  • Discounted rate at USDF events

  • Discounts with USDF Member Perks Partners

    Visit the Member Perks page of the USDF website for detailed information and discount codes (must be logged in to view discount codes)

    • Printed USDF Connection magazine

    • Full access to USDF’s digital publications, including USDF Connection

    • USDF Member Guide

    • Full access to USDF’s USDF Online Learning opportunities

    • Full access to USDF Scores.com, the official USDF source for the most accurate and complete dressage scores

    Eligible to:
      • Qualify for USDF Rider Awards

      • Receive the award winning USDF Connection magazine

      • Earn USDF university credits
      • Receive member discount rates for USDF events
      • Have the inside track on local dressage happenings and GMO-sponsored USDF educational clinics and programs

      For additional information and questions about USDF GMO benefits, please visit the USDF GMO benefits FAQs web page

      Important GM Information:

        • The USDF membership year is December 1 through November 30

        • USDF GM is issued directly through a GMO, not by joining USDF directly

        • USDF Participating Membership is required for most year-end award and championship programs

        • Only individuals that renew their USDF Participating Membership, Business Membership, or Group Membership before December 31 will receive the yearbook issue of USDF Connection

        • For information on rider/handler/owner/horse eligibility for specific programs, please visit the USDF website or the online USDF Member Guide

        GMO Delegates/Votes
        • A GMO's member count as of September 1 of the current year is used to determine the number of delegates and votes the GMO is permitted at the annual Board of Governors (BOG) meeting. However, the actual number of members on the roster (dues submitted) is not necessarily the number of members counted for voting strength. 

        • If a group member has joined more than one GMO, they are eligible to receive a refund for any additional GMOs they are a member of (for more information https://www.usdf.org/faqs/gmo.asp#8). In doing so, they must declare which GMO they want their primary affiliation, which is where their membership is counted for voting strength. The USDF request form may be found here https://www.usdf.org/docs/gmoflash/web/Forms/MultipleGMORefund.pdf?t=7%2F12%2F2023%208%3A20%3A03%20AM

        • For the other GMO(s) that they are a member of, they are dropped from the member count for voting strength purposes. A GMO is allotted 1 delegate per 200 members, and 1 vote per 25 members.

        Rev 7/23

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