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Dressage & Combined Training


It Takes a Village!

What makes ENYDCTA successful is great volunteers like you!  Please consider giving some of your time, big or small.  Every little bit helps us to grow, provide educational programs and hold competitive events here in the New York Capital District region.

What's in it for You?

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, expand your equine network and have a ton of fun!  You can also meet criteria to apply for our Year End Awards Program (YEAP) and become eligible for ENYDCTA  scholarships!  

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A BIG THANK YOU to Our Growing List of Very Awesome Volunteers!!

  • Dr. Laura Adams
  • Joy Black
  • Morgen Bowers
  • Cathy Brewer
  • Mackenzie Caldwell
  • Chris Chariton
  • Nicolle Christiansen
  • Joy Congdon
  • Madison Corcoran
  • Regina Cristo
  • Molly Czub
  • Jennifer DiCerbo
  • Kate Ernst
  • Jo-Ann Falanga
  • Fiona Farrell
  • Laura Fay
  • Denise Film
  • Joan Fleser 
  • Emma Griffen
  • Cindy Horrocks
  • Lisa Hover
  • Vickie Hurewitz
  • Margie Hutchison
  • Jasmine Jutkofsky
  • Erin Keehan
  • Lynndee Kemmet
  • Linda Kennelly
  • Allison King
  • Estelle Kotlowicz
  • Jeff Lindberg
  • Abigail Marino
  • Barb Martenis
  • Andrea McBurnie
  • Sarah McCarthy
  • Kelly McCarty
  • Hollie McNeil
  • Jana Miller
  • Cody Moore
  • Rita Moore
  • Maddie Muller
  • Ally Naja
  • Sheila Nagengast
  • Audrey Paslow
  • Bella Perkins
  • Pattie Pietrowicz
  • Marion Pomeroy
  • Joshua Powell
  • Breanna Rene Sprik
  • Nadja Rodgers
  • Cailin Sanford
  • Stephanie Saddlemire
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Melissa Saunders
  • Liz Shepard
  • Nancy Sherbrook
  • Lorraine Stevens
  • Susan Stuhr
  • Laura Stulberger
  • Jennifer Symon
  • Peter Tkaczyk
  • Gabby Tuthil
  • Meredith Vanderminden
  • Darcey Volans
  • Krystal Wilt
  • Raymond Whelihan
  • Olivia Wilcox
  • Antonette Wojeski
  • Alyson Worthington
  • Eric Wright
  • Patricia Wright

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