If you are interested in volunteering but are unsure where to start, please reach out.


ENYDCTA cannot succeed without great volunteers like you! Without you we cannot continue to grow and provide educational/competitive events in the Capital District and surrounding areas for the equine community.

It takes a village.

Please consider giving some of your time, big or small, every little bit helps. This is a great way to meet new people and expand your horse friend network. By volunteering you also become eligible for scholarships.

Click the links below to look at available positions w/ time slots for our upcoming schooling shows:

6.18.22.Volunteer sign up.pdf

7.4.22.Volunteer sign up copy.pdf

Click the link below to learn more about the volunteer positions available at most horse show: https://www.usdf.org/competitions/show-management/show-biz/Chapter%201%20Personnel.pdf?t=3/4/2021%205:02:13%20AM 

For our members with a competitive spirit, 

volunteering is one criteria when applying for Year End Awards Program (YEAP), so check out all the ways to volunteer and be part of the success of ENYDCTA.  

Volunteering at an ENYDCTA business member's event also count towards YEAP & helps support the equine community.


 Volunteer Requirements for YEAP:

Must show proof of a minimum of 6 hours volunteer hours to ENYDCTA or to an ENYDCTA Business Member event sometime during the year.  Make sure your business member's event has a current business membership with ENYDCTA otherwise your hours may not count.  
1.     Of the total volunteer hours, at least 3 must be directly at an ENYDCTA event. 
2.     Volunteers are responsible for verifying their volunteer hours with the Volunteer Coordinator.
3.     In lieu of fulfilling volunteer hours, an applicant may make a donation to ENYDCTA for $10 hour for every hour they have not volunteered or donate an item with a value of $60 or more to the silent auction but both must occur before the YEA application due date of 10/15.  
4.     Donations must be verified by the treasurer or the silent auction coordinator.   

Contact us at board@enydcta.com

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