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Breed Show: Geldings, 4 years and older

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The horse must be shown on the triangle at the walk, trot and standing as they would be in a traditional breed show. Bridles are mandatory on all horses two or older. -Please set up a triangle as diagramed above -Please begin the video with the horse in the frame and with a piece of paper that states the show name, show dates, class/es entered and name of the horse. -After showing the paper please have the video circle the horse showing the horse head on for 10 seconds, from the side for 10 seconds, from the back for 10 seconds, from the other side for 10 seconds. Have the videographer move to show the apex of the triangle then proceed to walk the 15 meter triangle to the right. Be sure the video is facing the long side head on as you walk across the middle. Proceed to trot the 30 meter triangle as you reach the apex. End the video with your horse squared up at the apex of the triangle. If you have any questions please contact darianquinn94@gmail.com -Videos of the test must be unedited from start to finish. They must be one continuous recording with sound. If the sound has been removed the video will not be accepted. -Videos of a test from another competition will be eliminated. Any video suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be scored. -Coaching during the test is not allowed and will result in elimination.

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