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ENYDCTA Friday Night - Trivia Night

  • May 01, 2020
  • 6:15 PM


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Join us for an online trivia night. Test your knowledge on dressage, eventing, and horses in general.

Trivia night will be run through Zoom. Individuals and teams up to 4 may play. When you sign into Zoom I will be asking you to tell me who is on your team, the team name, and the team captain or if you're an individual.

There will be 4 rounds with 5 questions in each, each question is worth 2 points. 1 point may be given for a partially correct response.

At the beginning of each round I will put up the five questions, and also a link to the five questions so they can be saved. You will have a couple minutes to right them down or save them. I will then put you into a breakout room with your team so you can work together on the answers. You will have 7 minutes to answer all 5 questions. We will be using the honor system, please no googling or searching! Info must come from your brains only. I will be dropping into breakout rooms to be sure everyone is doing okay.

At 6 minutes breakout rooms will get a one minute warning and then they will be pulled back into the main room. At this point the team captains will put their five answers in the chat box. I will then put up the next round of questions and work on tallying points while they are in the next break out room session and so on and so forth. Points will be presented after each round, beginning with round 2, so everyone knows where they stand. Correct answers will then be shared.

A tie breaker will be four questions pulled randomly with 1 from each category.

Contact us at board@enydcta.com

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